Fedor Fedorovich Terestchenko

Theodor (Fedor) Fedorovitch Terestchenko was a wealthy Kiev sugar producer. His father was the legendary sugar magnate Theodore Artemovitch Terestchenko

Among others he was fascinated with powered flight. He joined the Kiev Air-Sailing Society and became its active member. In 1909 he built an aircraft similar to the Bleriot-XI and published a set of technical drawings. The aircraft was demonstrated at the XII Congress of researchers and doctorates in December 1909.

In his Chervonny property, he built an aircraft workshop which was expanded during the WWI years. A few dozens aircraft were built and repaired there. In 1914 Tereschenko organised a special repair train for front line service of aircraft. With his participation several other innovations were introduced like a tent-hangar for field aircraft repairs. All products of his factory carried his name, despite the fact that often his personal contribution to the design was minor.

He was somewhat of a playboy in his teens and caught the eye of Princess von Keyserling, daughter of the Austrian Royals. They had a child, Nathalie, and only after the Czarina insisted they marry did the two finally wed. They were divorced after a few years.

Following the war, he moved to Paris and played music and wrote some books. He relied economically on his sister, Nadehzda who lived in Switzerland. Eventually he moved to Brittany where he died in the early 1950s.