Popova Sloboda, Sumy, Ukraine

May 21, 2008


Presentation of the book: "For Better ~ For Worse"

by Alexander Kapitonenko

Chairman, D. Burliuk Foundation

on behalf of

Nicholas Andreivich Mouravieff-Apostol-Korobyine

(Photographs by Alex Kapitonenko)

The event took place in the Secondary School in Popova Sloboda, Sumy Region, Ukraine where the book about Vladimir Vladimirovich Mouravieff-Apostol-Korobyine was presented to the students and faculty of the Regional school by the Director, Mrs. Olena Seliverstova. At the gathering of the history teachers, a short statement from the author was read.

"It is a great honor to have this opportunity to present for your consideration and learning experience the memoirs of Vladimir Vladimirovitch Mouravieff-Apostol-Korobyine. I trust this book will serve to bring to life one of your ancestors and co-patriots who together with his wife Nadehzda Fedorovna Tereschenko held Popova Sloboda in such high regard and always had in their hearts a special place for this most lovely part of Ukraine.Thanks to such learned citizens as Alexander Kapitonenko our history lives on and we come to realize how small this globe we call Earth has become. Our past is our heritage , the present is our honor and our future is awaiting us. We must remember with pride what our forefathers accomplished and build on that for the benefit of our sons and grandsons. It has been my pleasure to discover my family history, trace its roots and see the impact these honorable people have had on mankind’s march through history and time. In my own small way I have tried to illuminate the past so that the future may seem clearer and brighter as well.Thank you so much for receiving this book which is dedicated to my Grandmother, Nadehzda, and in many ways we might say is also dedicated to the children of Popova Sloboda – past, present and future. I look forward to being able to personally come and visit with each and everyone of you in the near future. In the meantime, feel free to write me or communicate your ideas and hopes. The future is yours, seize the opportunities and prosper. "

                                                                                                                                                   -----Nicholas Andreivich Mouravieff-Apostol-Korobyine


-----History Teachers gathered for the Presentation

-------- Ms. Olena Seliverstova presenting the book "For Better ~ For Worse"


------ The invited guests gather on the exact site where the former home of the Mouravieff-Apostol-Korobyine family once stood

in the Leontievka Park, Leontievka, Buryn District, Sumy Region, Ukraine


----- The group attending the Presentation Ceremony also visited the "Red House", a proposed site

for a Mouravieff-Apostol-Korobyine Museum and Library.



------ The invited guests also visited the Lodge on the site of the now ruined Popova Sloboda Cathedral

built by the Mouravieff-Apostol-Korobyine family to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Romanov rule.


(l. to r.) Mr. Mykola Dyshkovets, Mrs. Olena Siliverstova and Mr. Alexander Kapitonenko at Popova Sloboda School Museum display of Mouravieff-Apostol and Tereschenko families.(21 May 2008)