Lloyds Yacht Registries

Information concerning

S. Y. Iolanda

(Provided courtesy of Camper & Nicholson Ltd.)


1908  Morton F.Plant  New York

1911-1912 Morton F.Plant New London Conn.

1913-1915 Mme E.Terestchenko  Petrograd

1919  Mme E.Terestchenko  Villa Mariposa, Cannes, A.M., France.

1920-1921  ?

1922-1927  Camper & Nicholsons Ltd.  Portsmouth.

1928  ?

1929  Moses Taylor  New York

1930  Mrs E.B.Taylor  New York

1931-1938 Mrs Moses Taylor  New York

1939  Mrs G.J.Guthrie Nicholson  Newport R.I.

1940-1945 No Issues

1946 Supplement to 1939 edition. Acquired by His Majesty's Government

1947 His Majesty's Government. Name changed to WHITE BEAR.

1948-1951  S.S.Burwood & Co Ltd  London

1952  Jules Ceulemans & Fils  London

1953  No further entries in Lloyds Register


It would seem likely that in the years 1922-1927 she would have been

chartered but with the ownership staying with C&N Ltd.