This Estate was to be built by Fedor Artimeivitch Terestchenko for his eldest daughter Nadhezda (which means "Hope") and was about 10 km from the Tchervoni castle also in the Zhytomir Region or Province. Construction began in 1890 under the architect Paul Holland at the direction of Fedor Terestchenko's wife Hope. It was completed under the terms of Fedor's Last Will and Testament after his death in 1893. Fedor wanted it constructed for their daughter's 21st birthday in 1909 but it wasn't finally ready until 1911. The property remained owned by her and her husband Vladimir Mouravieff-Apostol-Korobyine until all lands were illegaly confiscated by the communist regime that assumed power in 1921.












 The ruins can now be found just outside of the village of Denyshi which is on the main road H-03 in Zhytomir Oblast

 Latitude 50.20536  Longitude 28.41163


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Architectural Plan - 1912                                     Aerial Picture - 2020