Peter Danylovitch Apostol

Danylo's first son, Petro Apostol (d 1758), was the colonel of the Lubni regiment (172857)

Apostol, Petro, c. 1682-1758. Son of Hetman Danylo Apostol, colonel of the Lubni regiment (172857); educated in Saint Petersburg. From 1726 to 1730 he was held hostage in Moscow by the Russian government as a means of exerting control over the politics of his father, the hetman of Ukraine. One of the most cultured figures of the Hetman period, Petro Apostol knew French, German, and Italian. His diary of 17257 was written in French. In 1895 Oleksander Lazarevsky published the Russian translation of it in Kievskaia starina (no. 78). The diary contains notes on Ukraine's past, interesting data about the events of 17257, and information on the socioeconomic history of Left-Bank Ukraine.