7-9 Terestchenko street

9 Tereshchenkivska St, Kyiv

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Tu-Su 10am-5.45pm, Mo, Th – dayoff

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National museum "Kyiv picture Gallery"

The National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery" (in the past, Kiev National Museum of Russian Art) is one of the most significant collections of fine arts in Ukraine.

The museum, which collects more than 12,000 exhibits, from icons of the XIII century to the masterpieces of painting and sculpture of the XIX and XX centuries, remains the only such museum of Russian art on the territory of the former Soviet Union outside the Russian Federation.


The museum is located in an architectural monument of XIX century – the private home of businessman  Fedor Tereshchenko who was an honorary citizen of Kyiv. The museum owns ancient icons, artworks by masters of XVIII and of the first half of XIX century: D. Levitsky, V. Borovykovsy, V. Tropinin, I. Aivazovsky, P. Fedotov; artworks of the second part of XIX c., primarily artworks by the Itinerants: I. Kramskoy, N. Ge, I. Shishkin, V. Polenov, V. Surikov, I. Repin, V. Vereshchagin, and also art works during the period of latter XIX and early XX century: M. Vrubel, M. Nesterov, N. Roerich, B. Kustodiev, P. Trubetskoi. The museum collection involves artworks by famous artists of XX century: B. Iohanson, S. Ryanhina, A. Tischler, A. Gerasimov, V. Mukhina, P. Popkov, A. Plastov, Y. Pimenov, A. Deyneka, D. Zhylynsky and others.

Such famous masterpieces as the icon of «Boris and Gleb» (XIII c.), «Players» by P. Fedotov, «Oak Grove» by I. Shishkin, «Peasant with a bridle» by I. Kramskoy, «Girl against the background of Persian carpet» by M. Vrubel, «Upon mountains» by M. Nesterov, «Wives of merchants» by B. Kustodiev, «Saint Nicolay» by N. Roerich are well-known beyond the country.


The house #7 belonged to Olga Artemimeiovna Terestchenko while #9 was owned by her brother Fedor Artemeivitch Teresctchenko. After his death in 1893, his wife Nadezhda (Hope) remained there with her three children: Nadezhda, Fedor and Natalia. After her daughter married Vladimir Mouravieff-Apostol-Korobyine in 1909, a russian nobleman, the house served as the family base while they might be in Kiev. After 1910 Olga and Nadezhda spent most of their time in France or their country estates as did their children. The home was bequeathed to Fedor Fedorovitch Terestchenko but at the time of his father's death he was only three years old. Initially his mother served as protector and after 1909 Vladimir took over the job.


Today, the interior of the home is essentially just as it was in the early part of the 20th century except that most of the furniture has been removed. However, the art on the walls in many cases is just as it was in those early days.